Cool TM


      COOL TM was created as an independent, daring, resolutely modern and subversive field of expression, in the image of a world in search of meaning and ethics.

      Each piece is a tribute, the desire to transcribe the emotion that transports us when we think of free personalities. Question the beautiful, the genre, the normal, the bizarre, the extravagant, COOL TM is a refuge for those who dare colors, overlays, shiny and truthful pieces.

      COOL TM was meant to evoke a jovial and happy debauchery as a celebration of life. An ode to radical, raw and assumed freedom, with rebellious and lascivious silhouettes where men are sensitive, women are strong and free. We are all equal.

      Merging rebellion and romance, punk and bohemia, vintage and avant-garde, COOL TM’s message is modern,subversive, and yet universal. Blurring gender lines and staunchly promoting diversity the brand holds up a mirror to a society undergoing major changes.

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