Tiana is the eldest of a family of 11 children composed of two girls and nine boys.

      In traditional Malagasy beliefs, a son represents for the parents a better guarantee for the future.

      Because of this, and because the family was so large, the parental care and affection were not always evenly spread.

      But Tiana has an entrepreneurial temperament. When she finds herself, at a very young age, having to raise her son Liva alone, she shows ingenuity and courage. While attending school, she will make crafts with her hands to support their daily needs and quickly become aware of handicrafts' importance for women's independence

      She taught her son perseverance, kindness, and the importance of sharing and worked hard to ensure that he received a quality education. She enrolled him in the best schools, saving money so that he could go abroad. She wants him to succeed more than anything else that’s why she encourages him to pursue studies as an expert accountant in France. For her, This profession represents the financial guarantee of her son's future and justifies the sacrifices and the abnegation that such a separation requires.

      FROM DREAMS ...

      With the treasures of his island and the cultural values firmly anchored in his memory, Liva once arrived in France also made some remarkable encounters. Human encounters, of course, but he also discovers design which has always fascinated him. At the same time, accounting brings him discipline and understanding of the financial world.

      Enthusiastic and freshly graduated, he took up his first positions in companies and quickly fell apart... He sees no horizon in a hierarchical organization that leaves little room for evolution and even less for creation and travel. It's time to reconsider.

      Very quickly, the return to the sources imposes itself. The idea is to design accessories that highlight Madagascar's natural resources and ancient know-how, while bringing a contemporary touch.


      Tiana having always worked in the arts and crafts and the perpetuation of know-how is enthusiastic about her son's idea. She invests fully in this project, and together they hire the first artisan. Faced with the magnitude of the project, they decided to name the brand IBELIV symbolically.

      IBELIV wishes to offer Malagasy women a professional and emancipating perspective. . Their motivation and their will to do well are enough to involve them in the adventure. Each woman thus becomes the craftswoman of IBELIV creations, but also the craftswoman of HER own life. She puts her love, story, and aspirations into the pieces she makes, making each one inimitable and full of soul.

      The adventure is now composed of several hundred artisans. Still, the philosophy is intact and scrupulously transmitted to each person joining the team to embody progress and fulfilment together.

      A VISION

      The IBELIV collection is the fruit of the work of a team of enthusiasts who are committed to transmitting their sensitivity for beauty and the love of their profession.

      Faced with an era where everything is fast-paced, we take the necessary time to create products imbued with a soul and resulting from actual know-how.

      What nature offers us, we try to restore it in its purest aesthetic expression.

      "We believe that our consumption can be more responsible both humanly and ecologically. That we can produce while respecting Human and Nature while offering products fit for the times."


      Beyond words, the respect of the material and the Human being is the breadcrumb trail of all the stages of the conception and the realization of IBELIV accessories. That translates into solid commitments.

      First of all, we favor the usage of sustainable raw materials and an eco-friendly approach to preserve nature and its resources.

      Then, we value handmade work and know-how to ensure their preservation and transmission to future generations.


      Finally, our approach to quality demands excellence down to the smallest detail to make products designed to last.

      We know that time is our best ally...

      As for our style, pure and timeless, it is an alchemy between elegance and functionality, choice of materials, and comfort. It can be summarized as follows:

      "Yesterday's techniques applied to today's needs, in the hope of living better tomorrow."
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