In creating KUJTEN, Carole and Stéphanie’s ambition was to rewrite the codes of cashmere wear, focusing on quality, color, and attention to detail.

      The name KUJTEN is borrowed from the highest peak in Mongolia, our land of craftwork, and was a natural choice for the Parisian founders. With our extensive knowledge of knitwear and commitment to flawless quality, our ambition each season is designing a colorful, contemporary cashmere wardrobe and ever-bolder collections. In keeping with our values, respecting our Mongolian partners and animals are our guiding principles.

      On the high plateaus of Mongolia, Capra Hisca goats endure particularly harsh winters, with temperatures that can plummet to minus 40 °C. Nature has endowed them with the precious capacity to grow thick, silky-soft fleece. Beneath an outer coat of coarse hair, their long downy undercoat traps the air between tiny spaces in their fibers, forming a natural, heat-preserving barrier. This means cashmere goats are able to resist the most extreme weather conditions. When warmer weather returns, they naturally molt.

      Their coats are then combed through to harvest cashmere, the soft gold of Mongolia. The Capra Hisca goat is the only one to grow this extraordinary hair. These goats are both precious and noble, since very few regions lend themselves to raising them. Feeling their luscious down provides is incredibly soothing. Carole and Stéphanie had long fallen for this billowy, soft fabric, yet they wished it came in bolder colors. Style-wise, they also fantasized about modern cuts. Creating Kujten is an answer to their desire for innovation without giving up on quality, at prices that will allow as many people as possible to embark upon the sensory experience of this most precious knit.

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