Lisa Yang


      A philosophy centered on the feminine modern

      Lisa Yang want’s to modernize cashmere. 

      Living between Beijing and Stockholm Lisa had a vision for how women could be comfortable yet incredibly chic at the same time. Using her instincts to realize this vision she created a brand where women could turn to for inspiration and pieces made for a new way of living beautifully and comfortable in one.

      Lisa continued to focus on realising her vision, now more appealing then ever for women around the world who want to be both feminine and chic yet thrive after comfort and quality more than ever. 

      She designs each piece with the contemporary woman in mind, straight forward and with ease, the collections bring modern palettes, quality and the perfect fit. For each collection great attention is dedicated to detail to each garment.

      The Stockholm based brand founded in 2014 builds on the fundamentals of outstanding quality and uncomplicated styles, creating feminine wardrobe staples for the modern woman.


      At Lisa Yang we are focused on creating a refined product from the highest quality cashmere with a considered approach, from sourcing the fibers to the final production. Ethical and moral values are at the core of our design and production process. We strive to work towards integrating quality and sustainability into our business. Although we are at the beginning of our sustainability journey it is something we are committed to continue developing and improving on as we grow. We believe it is our responsibility in the field of fashion and retail, to try and help decrease our negative impact on the planet. This is a process that we are determined to continue to improve on, we very much welcome feedback from our community as we learn more.

      Recycling and re-using is integral to this process, both in our packaging and how to re-use materials in everything from production to our business operations. Our most recent step is to change the packaging we use for our garments, each Lisa Yang garment is packaged in a 100% recyclable plastic packaging.   

      We work closely with our suppliers and require transparency to ensure fair conditions for workers and farmers and protection for animals. We make frequent visits to any factories we work with in order to see with our own eyes that our standards are met. Except for this unusual time affected by Covid-19, we make visits to production on a quarterly basis to ensure our standards are met. We ensure that animals are treated well by only working with local producers whose farms we are able to visit.

      By only working with the best material, we want to inspire people to choose quality before quantity. We believe this approach is one of the most important we can have - to change the fast fashion consumer behavior to a more selective, slow and sustainable approach. This is our responsibility on both a brand and an individual level. 

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