Babyboomers left a few things to the upcoming generations: taste of good whisky, women’s rights, will to fight racism, and awesome leather jackets. The rock wave had blown everything out, and as the years went by, part of its legacy remained inside closets. We, their children, borrowed it, wore it, loved the hell out of it: these clothes were meant to outlive us.

      Leather pieces are fragile and strong in the meantime. They are pure emotion, carrying on their soft touch skin the rebellion of multiple generations with the rebirth of maison Schimmel in 2019.

      The family of designers have been leather and skin specialists for 30 years. as the house was born in 1983. They pass this rare and precious savoir-faire from mother to son with an unspoiled perfectionism and this little bit of madness that makes their collections the perfect super luxury basics for fashion addicts. 


      Leather is everything but a fabric : it’s a manifesto. Wearing a piece from the schimmel iconic closet means engaging a relationship that will to last for years. We consider clothes as intimates, friends you’re about to share the good and the worse with. We use water responsibily during our leather treatments. We treat animals with respect and choose our providers relying on transparency. We don’t use chromic acid and any other high-pollution impact components when dying our leather and aim for a high-end quality that will go through generations and won’t end in being left aside somewhere on the planet where it doesn’t belong.

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